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The importance of downloads to an app

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Author : Hannah
Update time : 2022-03-04 16:21:00
The importance of downloads to an app

For a successful app, the completion of development represents birth, the promotion after development is its development, and the download of users is its nutrient.
So how does a mobile app make users remember? How to increase the load? What tips can you use to increase the number of downloads?

1. Get community recognition. In fact, the strength of the community is infinite. There are many potential customers in the user community. These users will respond to your app application and help you promote word-of-mouth. What you need to do is to build potential community groups through some channels, where some things may help you, such as beatlist, producthunt, and Hacker News. Many apps have used this method to get many fans and many valuable responses. In fact, fans are like brand ambassadors. They will influence other users to download your app.
2. Make friends and promote each other. If your app has sufficient active users, you can "hook up" with developers at your same level and ask them to promote it for you. In exchange, they will also ask you to help promote it. Most developers are not familiar with how to help others increase the download volume, so before developing a relationship, you might as well get started and get familiar with each other's apps. In turn, you need to consider how to help other developers. The most effective ways to increase installed capacity include notification push, in app IM and notification, or small banner advertising and overlay advertising.
3. Free for a limited time. Limited time free means that the paid application is free for users to download for a few days. Because free ranking is generally higher than charging. If your application is a paid application, you might as well try it. For free apps, you can change the in app purchase to free for a limited time. Then, it is better to buy non consumables in this application, that is, users can use it for a long time after buying it once, so that it will be more attractive to users.

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