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How to start Google Play and play ASO well

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Author : Hannah
Update time : 2020-06-08 10:12:00
How to start Google Play and play ASO well
For developers, everyone knows that there will be a recommended period of a month for new application in Google Play. But if it was not achieving to expected effect will cause the application not be searched. Today we will outline several effective and practical method for you to improve the start download.
How to do application boot
Record application tutorial using YouTube channel
When new apps to app store, can record a tutorials uploaded to youtube, one reason is that Google Play encourages make itself a video tutorial for users understand how to use this application. And on youtube itself is a keyword rankings, so youtube name also need close to your own application. It is better to translate into several languages to attract traffic, we can only rely on the big platform to attract fans when we have no fans.
Multilingual translation
When fill in the title, short description and a long description for applications in addition to fill in English also need translated into other languages to fill. It is very simple but very important and useful. When a user searches for keywords to your translation can search to the application of the matter with you.
Use social media accounts for drainage
You may as well sign up for social accounts of popular platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and TopBuzz. These platforms can all be utilized.

How to start ASO
We all know that there are a lot of apps on Google Play, and the main core keywords are definitely occupied by the apps that have been downloaded a lot. So there are still a lot of up-and-comers, how do they be successful?
First of All, long tail word. Such as Video Downloader, the core word. Video Downloader for Instagram, All Video Downloader, Private Video Downloader, download Video, download Pictrue and various languages translated by them are All long tail words. Even the most heavily loaded apps are unlikely to occupy all of the long-tail words, we will be able to improve the ranking of the core words as we continue to occupy the long-tail words, and eventually we will be successful!
Secondly, besides the long-tailed word, what else should be noted? In the application description, the core keywords can appear for several times, such as 5 times, to improve the ranking. But it is important to connect them into sentences, otherwise it may violate the metadata policy of Google. When you apply ASO, you must read more about the policy of Google to avoid illegal operations.
In addition, the logo, screenshot and top big picture of the app, had better be more and more beautiful, because this will directly affect the download rate of users.

Share Apps
Develop apps also need have the game thinking, such as tool is to meet the needs of individual users, then after reach requirements can guide users to share applications. Such as clean up app, users can clean up after a few times prompt the user has clear how much garbage, mobile phone how much faster, to guide users to share their applications to social platform, promote the secondary or download many times. If you make good use of this way can effectively improve the user downloads, but don't malicious guide to share, because this is necessarily bad.
 This is how to do a good job of Google Play start method, hope to help you to improve the application download!

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