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How to do the app screenshots ?

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Update time : 2022-03-11 16:48:00
How to do the app screenshots ?

Screenshots of app are the most direct way to show the functions and features of app. Especially for game applications, you can often see at a glance how the screen and operability are. A good screenshot can directly affect the download conversion rate of the app.
As Andy watts, a graphic and UX designer, pointed out, in the mobile industry, emphasizing screenshots is not just about art and design, but also a good opportunity to convey the game story. Andy Watts said that each screenshot of the application is conveying an important message to users, which can help users understand the advantages of the application. In addition, he suggested that the text you add should be concise and clear.

Screenshot Essentials
The main point of screenshot is to find out which five images should be choosen as the display image of Appstore. There should be no children's boots. I think I can only upload one picture. Of course, this is also allowed by apple. Apple's restriction is that "screenshots must truthfully reflect the actual content of the game. Don't use Apple's official product images in your products."
Generally, app will put 5 screenshots, but the first one is often the most important. For example, many players will subconsciously judge your game based on only one screenshot. If the first screenshot is well designed, players will be attracted and interested in clicking on your game, hoping to get more experience. The following is divided into two categories: Tool and Game. The distribution introduces the essentials of screenshots.
Tool app
In fact, the choose of app screenshots is roughly the same as the description. The first one generally corresponds to the core functional features of the app, so that users can directly understand the functions of the app, and the last four correspond to more specific app functional features.
Game App
For the game, the screenshot is equivalent to a virtual cover, which can tell the story behind the game or summarize the main functions / features of the game.

Screenshot processing
If it is the original screenshot without modification, the effect will be the same as that of the circle of friends without P. therefore, most screenshots of apps will modify the original image, which is also allowed by apple.
The most common is that many apps or game screenshots in the app store add text. If the screenshot itself can not perfectly convey the information you want, you need to consider adding text. Screenshot text can generally consider the following functions: emphasizing application features, explaining operations, emphasizing depth, etc. The text or title in the screenshot must help users better understand the function or playing method.
"Brevity" is the main principle of screenshots. In screenshots, you don't need to add a lot of text. Generally speaking, one sentence or even two or three words are enough. “
"Clarity" is the second key point of the screenshot text. Put the text directly on the screenshot to ensure that the text and the picture form a color difference, which is convenient for players to read. When the color contrast of pictures and text descriptions is insufficient, users may not want to continue reading.

In addition to adding text, the application screenshot can also be modified and beautified, but it should be done without exaggeration and fiction. The application screenshot should mainly show the real information of the app. For example, some domestic game apps only use CG animation as screenshots without real screenshots in the game. Now players are not fools, which will only damage their reputation.
After the screenshot is made, it is necessary to preview the screenshot, because the screenshot may look good alone, but it may not look good when it is really put on the iPhone or iPad device. It must be ensured that the screenshot looks good when it is actually used.
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