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Do we need comma for keyword setting in ASO ?

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Author : Hannah
Update time : 2021-03-26 23:38:08
Do we need comma for keyword setting in ASO ?

Everyone knows that AppStore keywords can only be set to 100 characters. Even if you include the title and subtitle, the space that can be used is extremely limited. Every time we set up keywords, we must compare, research, and make choices. Even so, many of our optimistic keywords cannot be set up completely, and space is limited. Small partners doing ASO optimization work should have a deep understanding of this situation.
Since space is so precious, should you use commas to separate keywords when setting keywords? Today I will tell you whether to add commas or not to set keywords.

Difference between adding comma and not 
1. The probability of word segmentation is lower than that of independent words: if the background setting is AB, AB means independent words, A/B is participles, and BA is combined words. Among them, A may be retrieved and included in Apple's word segmentation. The same is true for B. The probability of A and B being retrieved is lower than that of independent words of AB. The probability of compound word BA being included is even lower. Separate A/B first, then combine into BA. This is the reason why the inclusion probability of A/B separated by a break is greater than that of AB compound words.
2. Weight: After the App has covered certain keywords and maintains a relatively stable ranking for a long time, Apple will form the correlation between the keyword and the App. The stronger the correlation, the more stable the ranking and the less vulnerable to external environments. Change; can also increase the weight of steadily improving keywords. If separated by a comma, it will increase the weight of the keyword and its accuracy.
3. Reducing the weight is relative: the logic is the same as the principle of placing keywords in the title with high and low keywords. When keywords are easier to be included, their corresponding matching weights are also higher, which is a high degree of relevance. Keywords will have a higher corresponding weight; when the probability of inclusion becomes lower, the resulting weight will also decrease accordingly.
If separated by a comma, it can increase the probability of a phrase being included and increase the weight of a single phrase. Increase the accuracy of product configuration. Without comma separation, it will reduce the weight, but will increase the number of vocabulary combinations. Please read down on how to choose.

When need adding comma
1. For the newly launched App, the overall weight and the weight of category keywords are relatively low. At this time, remove the comma and group words. When you want to increase the number of keyword coverage, the results are often counterproductive; the accumulation of weights and the association between keywords and apps For newly launched apps, it is not recommended to remove commas in the first four inheritances .
2. The daily amount of new activations in the App is small, then removing the comma and grouping words is likely to reduce the probability of keyword inclusion, and the corresponding single keyword weight will also be reduced. It is not recommended to remove the comma at this time.

When no need adding comma
1. The number of new activations of the APP every day is good, and the rankings of the ideal coverage keywords are relatively high (here refers to the Top10). At this time, reasonable removal of commas between keywords and proper combination of combinable keywords will have a good effect, which is mainly reflected in the increase in keyword coverage.

2. Keyword optimization is a gradual process. At first, the purpose of separating them with commas is to increase the probability and weight of keywords. After the App has been optimized for a period of time, we can independently try to remove the comma on a small scale and group words appropriately. After the new version is launched, detect and monitor the fluctuation of keyword rankings, and pay attention to the total daily new activation data. If it is OK, it means that the word formation is feasible at this stage, and then further word formation can be carried out.

When setting keywords, a good choice depends on your current product positioning. When choosing the comma, there should be a comprehensive analysis of the product and market positioning. In response to different situations, different solutions are proposed. I believe that even a small comma can bring high benefits to everyone.
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