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Detailed App Development Process

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Update time : 2022-04-22 21:23:00
Detailed App Development Process

Today, let's check a detailed app development process guide for junior developers. Generally speaking, the app development process can be divided into 3 stages. The 1st stage is the demand stage, the 2nd stage is the R & D stage, and the 3rdstage is the release stage. Each stage includes multiple steps, step by step, and finally complete the development of the project.

The detailed steps included in the 3 stages are:
Clear demand
Communicate, sort out and clarify customer needs, write documents and build functional brain map architecture
Interactive experience
User experience design, user scenario simulation, prototype design
UI design
Interface, color visual design, icon design and layout design
Function development
Server side, apple and Android side, front-end H5 development / interface development
Test acceptance
Bug modification, function adjustment and optimization, complete acceptance documents, and online application market
after-sale service

Follow up technical maintenance, continuous follow-up and project operation support
Next, let's talk about the work content and output of the three stages and each step, as well as the project members and roles required by each link.
1、 Demand stage
a. Demand discussion: the product manager communicates with customers about what functions to do and how to do them, including: development type, platform to be developed, specific product function requirements, specific product design requirements, expected completion time of the project, development budget, and outputs the functional architecture diagram through repeated investigation, discussion and output of interactive schemes.
b. Demand evaluation: after the product outputs the interactive scheme, find the corresponding development to discuss whether the demand scheme is feasible, including the technical difficulty of functional requirements, the feasibility and experience evaluation of design requirements, the expected completion time of the project and the actual development cost.
c. Project technology development and visual planning: at the beginning of the project, each department starts the project meeting. The design department starts to design UI (product interface) and UE (user experience), carries out creative design for products, and forms a preliminary effect drawing, which is confirmed by the customer for the first time. After the second modification according to the specific results of the communication, the high fidelity visual map was finally confirmed with the customer and began to enter the research and development stage.

2、 Research and development stage
a. Project launch: the developer reviews the requirements according to the product requirements documents, and evaluates the R & D cycle, test time, pre release time and formal release time.
b. Program development process: front end development - program development - Interface docking - third party access (Alipay payment function, etc.) - regular project meetings to communicate and control project development progress - development budget audit.
c. Program test: the product oriented platform multi model synchronous test, including: app content test, APP performance test, APP function test, APP visual test, bug debugging and repair. After passing the test and confirming that there are no bugs, communicate with the customer and start the acceptance. The customer shall test and put forward modification suggestions.

3、 Release phase
The following materials need to be prepared in advance before launching.
Apple's Appstore takes about a week to review an application, so if it is a project with an online time specified in the plan, the development and testing must be completed half a month in advance to reserve time for online review. Android markets generally review faster, generally in about 3 days.
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