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Apple crack down on induced user authorization behavior !

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Author : Hannah
Update time : 2021-04-09 22:55:00
Apple crack down on induced user authorization behavior !

In the latest IOS 14.5 version, all apps must use the apptracking transparency (ATT) framework to obtain the user's permission in order to track them or access their device's ad identifier.

For developers, when submitting an app for review, developers must provide a statement for any other form of tracking (e.g., by name or email address) in the "App Store privacy information" section of the product page; At the same time, these traces will only be performed with permission through apptracking transparency(ATT).

Apple has repeatedly stressed that unless the developer obtains permission from the user to enable tracking, the device's advertising identifier value will all be zero, and it will not be allowed to track the user.

From the above content, it can be very clear that if developers want to track or access the advertising identifier of the user's device, they must obtain the permission of the user, and there is no other way. So how to get permission from users becomes the top priority. Can developers induce users through rewards? Is it possible to "bully" users by restricting their functions?

The answer is No. According to macrumors, apple recently said that any app that tries to persuade users to enable tracking by offering rewards will be banned from the app store. The specific requirements are as follows:
① Developers are not allowed to offer rewards for permission requests. We can't compensate users for granting them permission, and we can't keep the function and content or make the application unusable before people allow the application to track them;
② It is not allowed to display custom messages reflecting the system alarm function;
③ It is not allowed to display images of standard alarms and modify them in any way;
④ Visual cues are not allowed to attract people's attention to the allow button of system warning.

Through the above requirements, we can see that Apple's attitude towards inducing and coercing users to authorize is to crack down. Developers should remember not to "step on the thunder" and cause serious consequences of APP being taken off the shelves. If you need to track user information, you can join att framework protocol and get the user's consent.
So now, under the new privacy rules of IOS 14.5, can developers not actively track user information, and can't evaluate the relevant advertising, and have reached the goal of accurate delivery?

As early as in the previous IOS 14.5 beta, Apple introduced a new technology called private click measurement, which is a way for developers and online advertisers to measure the effect of advertising in private.

Apple pointed out that the ad network can now measure the advertising effect of browsing websites after clicking on ads in apps and websites. This information can be used to understand which advertisements can bring transformation (such as purchase or registration) while maintaining users' privacy.
Apple wants to support the measurement of online advertising, and "private click measurement" achieves this tradeoff by sending attribute reports containing limited data (without any cookies) in a dedicated private browsing mode, randomly delaying reports between 24 and 48 hours, timely disassociating events, and processing data on the device.

What do you think of that?
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