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5 tips, easily win the 5 stars ratings of mobile app

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Update time : 2021-05-14 15:01:00
5 tips, easily win the 5 stars ratings of mobile app

In today's app store with a wide range of apps, you need to pull your friends and family to provide positive comments to meet the need for apps to increase rankings. The evaluation of the application itself will not automatically occur, and you cannot expect that the waves of people will automatically return to the app store to comment on your application. In fact, it might be only those who have a very bad experience with your application to do so!
To help your mobile app get more positive app reviews, you can do this by doing five things:

1. Use the app comment plug-in
The quickest and easiest way is to let users evaluate your application. IOS and Android system have many useful plug-ins, which can prompt users to evaluate your application quickly.
Appirater is a popular IOS plug-in. It takes 2 minutes to configure in the app. It will prompt users to evaluate the app after they use your app for a period of time, or after you set a specific time( It also has an Android version.) If users click the "rate" button, they will be taken to the app store, where they can comment.
However, be careful when setting appirater. You don't want comments to appear immediately after users download the app, because you may encounter some annoying users and bad comments.

2. Encourage users to evaluate applications
Tips: Apple has been removing apps that reward users.
There is no doubt that people don't like pop-ups, and many people choose pop-ups that ignore application invitation comments directly. To get application review data, you need to not only pop up the window to invite users to comment. More need to motivate users.
Will your app have rewards or points built in? A simple and effective incentive is to reward users if they comment on your application. People like free things, and if users know they will get rewards, their chances of commenting on apps soar.
The application, celebrity guess, prompts users to evaluate after they have completed the first four levels. Although the application rewards users whether they comment or not, this approach seems to have worked well.
You need to develop the comment pop-up window for your application and find a better way to reward users, but that's worth the extra effort.

3. Using helpshift to provide the most direct service to users
A better way to get good app reviews is to provide excellent customer service. Applications usually include a "send feedback" button that pops up an email form. However, with little effort, you can integrate helpshift's SDK into the application and communicate directly with users through the real-time two-way instant messaging window( Helpshift is a start-up providing customer service support SDK for mobile apps.)
Helpshift provides a web-based data background, which allows you to communicate with users one-on-one in the application. So the next time a user needs help, you can prepare an email form that needs to be filled in advance, and provide a great customer support experience through hepshift.
After helping users, you can ask them to evaluate the app and send them a comment link! Helpshift provides its own app comment pop-up plug-in, which minimizes negative app comments by providing users with a "send feedback" button. When "send feedback" is pressed, users will be taken to a real-time chat window (instead of an app store), where they can directly express all their dissatisfaction with your app!

4. Make reasonable use of marketing opportunity
Although comment promotion is a good way to remind users to leave comments, it is also very important to arrange the prompt time correctly in the user experience.
It is clear that many applications require users to comment when they start their applications, which is clearly wrong. This backfires, not only is the user experience poor, but it is unlikely to get comments because it interrupts the normal process that users use.
A good time to ask for comments is to wait until the user completes a task in the application or completes his / her task.
Dan counell of realmac software company mentioned how the clear for IOS application displays the rate app dialog box. The dialog box will not pop up until the following two conditions are met. First, users have to use the application for weeks. Second, the user must complete the remaining tasks in the given list.
When users feel good about the application, invite comments again, which is a win-win for both application developers and users.

5. Holding competition activities
Another good way to add application reviews is to hold competition events in various forums. There is a forum on the popular blog touch arcade, where application developers compete and offer ways to attract other members to comment on their applications.
When holding a competition, you can give an itunes gift card or transfer it directly to the winner. Commenters respond to your posts using their iTunes or Google user names, and then you can randomly filter winners as needed.
To be fully transparent, it is important to publish the contestants and the way to select the winners. You can place all user names in a spreadsheet and associate a number for each user. Then use to generate the winning numbers and show screenshots to show that you are not biased to any commentators.
While running a competition requires you to monitor the whole process yourself, from checking iTunes accounts, verifying comments to choosing the winner, competition events can bring important comments and ratings to early stages of the app quickly.
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